Weekend Rewind: Netsky’s legendary 2010 Essential MixNetsky Press

Weekend Rewind: Netsky’s legendary 2010 Essential Mix

Drum ‘n’ bass had widely been considered a niche genre during the aughts, following its peak in the 90s UK rave scene. However, a select few acts had been on the path toward busting the subgenre back into the mainstream fold. Netsky fell under this category; the young producer had broken into the scene in 2008, but his penchant for crafting memorable tunes as well as his keen ear for selecting cuts for his sets quickly established him as a global phenomenon.

By 2010, Netsky had caught the attention of Pete Tong, who booked him for what is now considered an iconic Essential Mix. Through its two hours, the Belgian artist took listeners through a timeless and high-charged journey through multiple strains of the genre by artists like Dirtyphonics, Metrik, Pendulum, and more. Netsky remained the central pillar of the mix, however, showing off his songwriting skills by comprising the mix mostly of his own original work, remixes, and edits.

Take a trip into the nostalgia and enjoy the ride.




Photo credit: John Wright


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