A five-track guide to Chris Lake’s categorical club stompersChris Lake

A five-track guide to Chris Lake’s categorical club stompers

In the realm of house music, Chris Lake remains a preeminent staple, eternally filed under the category “needs no introduction.” For those just tuning in now, the UK-born producer has been in the four-by-four game for over a decade, and assumes responsibility for some of the most pandemic dance hooks to hit the earth’s atmosphere. Currently amidst his Black Book Experience fall tour across North America and managing his recently revealed Black Book Records label, fans have seen the reemergence of Lake’s chunky, hard-hitting bass lines featured in his recent singles.

In preparation for any night spent percolating atop the dancefloor, Dancing Astronaut has scoured for our top five most beloved stompers in Chris Lake’s discography.

I Want You

A reflection of an ingenious act of synergy, Lake and OWSLA came together to birth a house-focused compilation of tracks, better known by HOWSLA. With ease, “I Want You” fuses an infectiously nuanced bassline and beat to create one of the most recognizable hooks in modern house music.

Give It Right Back

In curating a static-ridden bassline and cheeky vocals from Dances With White Girls, “Give Her Right Back” amplifies with intensity as pulsing bass comes ready to surge through speakers. Both attributes work seamlessly to push out a resplendent collaboration, and an undeniably rambunctious dancefloor stomper.

“Patience” (Chris Lake Remix)

Reworking what was initially produced as a slower, hip-hop focused track, Lake twists “Patience” into a thumping house bop. Almost unrecognizable when juxtaposing the two, Lake’s rework brings in detailed laser and clap effects to enhance the magnitude of the bassline.

Dance With Me

Recently announcing the birth of his “Black Book Records” label, Lake has released a slew of collaborations to propel the venture. Most prominently, “Dance With Me” was the second-half of Lake’s Close Your Eyes EP, featuring Dirtybird favorites Walker & Royce to pursue a hypnotic and off-the-wall avenue for this track.


His latest release to hit the ground sprinting, “Deceiver” enlists a longtime house deity, Green Velvet to pursue a darker, and more beguiling underground effect. It’s easy to get lost within the incantations of the repeated “Whatchu talking bout?” vocal cut, as it paves the way for unfettered movement on the dancefloor.

A five-track guide to Chris Lake’s categorical club stompersCHRIS LAKE

Chris Lake continues on his tour and touches down in Toronto for a sold-out show at CODA Nightclub on November 2.

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