Arty and Audien unravel trance anthem ‘Never Letting Go’Arty Audien

Arty and Audien unravel trance anthem ‘Never Letting Go’

Audien has made his profound return to trance music with a long-awaited collaboration with Arty “Never Letting Go.”

Stoking intrigue surrounding the auspicious release, the duo started teasing the impending collaboration on social media. Shortly thereafter, the producers let loose both an edit and original version of the track on Anjunabeats. “Never Letting Go” combines euphoric notes with mystical vocals. The punchy drop is catchy enough to thaw listeners’ dispositions long after the song’s conclusion.

Arty has released an extensive catalog of music this year under both his Arty and Alpha9 monikers. Conversely, Audien took some time away from consistent track output, and surprised fans with a return to Anjunabeats to release “Higher” that has since become sought-after enough to find itself among both a sundry of live sets and traveling atop worldwide radio waves. The duo have certainly left the door open for future collaborations, given the rapturous execution of this first endeavor.

Photo Credit: Guettapen

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