ATLiens reveal haunting bass trap ‘IMMA’ with BadrapperATLiens IMMA

ATLiens reveal haunting bass trap ‘IMMA’ with Badrapper

ATLiens strike back with an earth-trembling, bass-rattler, “IMMA” featuring Badrapper. The duo infuse their signature trap tempo with eerie tension, hyped-up vocals, background sirens, and nervous high hats that grow in confidence as anticipation balloons. Fluttering sub bass and abrasive synths take control, filling the space with catchy high ends of menacing giggles and haunting strings.

“IMMA” carries a similar tone to ATLiens’ debut EP, Invasion, released earlier this year. Covered in mystery, the two producers continue their work in the low-end frequency spectrum, collaborating with Bassnectar, UZ in previous releases. Earlier this month, ATLiens released a slew on new music on their Diplo and Friends mix.

Photo credit: Mitch Lowe

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