Berlin instates subsidized nightclub-soundproofing initiativeNina Kraviz Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Berlin instates subsidized nightclub-soundproofing initiative

Formally implemented on November 28, a novel noise reduction initiative in Berlin will seek to remedy an infamous issue in the context of the city’s nightlife: venue noise leakage. Berlin nightclubs that are unable to afford the necessary soundproofing to prevent the sound bleeding that has repeatedly caused resident unrest in the past will newly be able to apply for state-funded soundproofing via the Berlin Club Commission. The fledgling noise-buffering program is an imitation of an existing program in Hamburg — another location where club culture is a central component of the city’s economic fabric.

Berlin venues that have been in operation for a minimum of two years will be required to participate in a two-part application process. Preliminary application documents are currently available online and accessible to nightclub organizers who wish to apply for the state-subsidized support. An independent jury will begin meeting in February 2019 to determine which establishments will receive grants. The public grants can extend financial support of up to €50,000 to each regular applicant and can additionally offer a maximum of €100,000 to “projects of extraordinary importance.” The nightclubs that are approved for the financial backing will be expected to contribute anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the total soundproofing cost. Venues that receive the funds must return the money if they are unable to remain open for a two-year period following state extension of the monies.

H/T: Resident Advisor

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