Big Wild shares two new tunes ahead of upcoming 2019 albumBIGWILD PRESSPIC HAIRUP BANDW 1

Big Wild shares two new tunes ahead of upcoming 2019 album

Producer Jackson Stell has taken another step in an evolved direction as Big Wild. He’s just unveiled two new singles  — “Joypunks” and “Maker” — and both see him continue to push his artistic boundaries into the world of melodic, indie electronica-inspired soundscapes that feel refined and polished.

Stell is clearly locked into something. He shot to the top of Spotify’s Global Viral Chart with the release of “Aftergold,” in 2015 and his success was minted in 2017 when his debut EP Invincible, was met with rave reviews. In line with most of his work “Joypunks” has a happy-go-lucky feel, warm overtones, and steady congealing beats. The refrains are well spaced throughout the track and allow the listener a moment to take in the subtle layering of the song.

The second track “Maker” shows us Big Wild’s versatility. It’s more pop-oriented as a leveled out feel ebbs through most of the track alloting a larger focus towards the vocals while still staying true to the formula of a dance song. It’s all there. Both tracks are a tribute not to just what Stell can do, but what he will do in the near future. Big Wild’s debut album Superdream will be released in February, 2019.


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