Booka Shade release dynamic ‘Rosebud’ EPBooka.Shade .2013.April .0703

Booka Shade release dynamic ‘Rosebud’ EP

Booka Shade have released a new 3-track EP entitled Rosebud.  Marking the Berlin duo’s debut release on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, Rosebud is an experiential release that affirms their veteran status in across a multitude of underground sounds in the electronic music scene.

Taking on dark bass tones and glittering synths, “Rosebud” is as moody and beautiful as it is deep and brooding. With tracks including that leading eponymous title track and the percussive-heavy “Lust 2.1,” their music is sprinkled with world influences like marimba and escaping ethereal vocals. Closing out with the bass-heavy “Velvet,” the movement and progression of Rosebud evokes the same feelings as an expertly crafted DJ set.

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