The Chainsmokers go vintage electronic with new track ‘Beach House’Chainsmokers Australia Brisbane Show 2524 Med

The Chainsmokers go vintage electronic with new track ‘Beach House’

The Chainsmokers‘ latest track, “Beach House,” may sound familiar to indie/dream-pop connoisseurs. That’s no accident, as the song indeed alludes to the unparalleled experience of listening to Beach House. Drew Taggart sings on the vocal-led song, while a wistful guitar pluck summon flashes of retro pop, ultimately giving the release a new dynamic than fans have yet to witness in recent memory through Chainsmokers’s productions.

“Beach House” is reminiscent of the pop-dance fusion releases that ascended Pall and Taggart into rampant stardom with Memories…Do Not Open. The track will undoubtedly be a contender for a fan-favorite with seasoned Chainsmokers fans, while further cementing their status as pop icons. In addition to continuing their stream of Sick Boy releases, Pall and Taggart recently performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a performance slot previously held by the likes of Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift.

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