Cristoph and CamelPhat ‘Breathe’ their long-awaited collaboration into existenceCamelphat Christoph Breathe 1

Cristoph and CamelPhat ‘Breathe’ their long-awaited collaboration into existence

As if to the mounting majesty of one of his progressive house tracks, in the past year Newcastle’s Cristoph has blossomed into a worldwide reckoning under mentor, Eric Prydz‘s watchful eye. Both Cristoph and CamelPhat, the Grammy nominees and creators of deific dance track, “Cola,” spent the better part of the summer showing love for Prydz as supporting acts at his often sold-out Hï Ibiza performances. Now, the two supporters are taking their talents center stage for what is a natural progression of their time in close Ibizan quarters. The result: an epic dance music lovechild, “Breathe,” through Pryda Presents, fittingly enough.

“Breathe” begins under the guise of plaintive instrumentals and ethereal, desirous female vocals from resplendent dance floor songstress, Jem Cooke. The track then employs the sonic equivalent of ripping the floor from underneath the listener with its bellowing bass line and unfettered chord progressions. Like a spectral presence with the best of intentions, the track leaves listeners hard-pressed to resist reporting to the nearest dance-friendly surface once “Breathe” gets hold.

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