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Crystalize crush Skrillex’s iconic ‘Cinema’ remix

Crystalize is back with another remix of a Skrillex remix, following a successful flip of the aforementioned icon’s Kendrick Lamar “HUMBLE.” edit in 2017. This time, the Canadian re-doers went deep into Sonny Moore’s archives to add extra weight to a veritable classic: his re-work of Benny Benassi‘s “Cinema.” It’s safe to say this was quite the bold move from the pair.

Starting off with a distorted, electric guitar dancing around the original’s recognizable vocals, a strong drum arrangement is Crystalize signalling to their targets that something big is around the corner.  A breakdown not too far from the original leads into heavy headbanging at the first drop, with booming bass adding an extra layer of grime and grit next to ear-smashing kick drums and snares. A second drop adds an exciting twist into the mix by its introduction of croaky vocals and high-pitched metallic adlibs, once again stirring a frenzy among those who the track touches.


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