Dillon Francis’ ‘Like and Subscribe’ series is finally coming to fruitionDillon Francis 1

Dillon Francis’ ‘Like and Subscribe’ series is finally coming to fruition

Dillon Francis is moving forward with the launch of his very own show, Like & Subscribe, airing Nov 13, after experiencing some minor setbacks. Francis, who produced and stars in the series, initially set the project for a July 9 kick-off, but according to the Like & Subscribe official Twitter page, the team experienced some “small difficulties,” as their network was shut down indefinitely. Fittingly and quite fortuitously, Funny Or Die picked up the original series last minute, much to Francis fans’ delight.

The series, which follows a cast of parody internet stars or “influencers,” gained media attention in June after a private mural for people with over 20,000 followers on Twitter materialized in West Hollywood. The mural was guarded by a hefty security staff and hidden from public view, a stark promotional troll, especially considering how unremarkable the work turned out to be. Since then, the artists of Melrose Avenue have covered up the street art starting with Twitter’s fiercely sought-after “verified” check mark.

Despite this deafening whoosh soaring over the media’s head, the innermost themes of the show are relevant as ever: the ways in which people interact with fame, artistry, and pervasive online influence––all of which side-split into its superb absurdity.

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