Exclusive: Noizu sails through sultry seas with Holy Ship! mixNoizu 2400 P

Exclusive: Noizu sails through sultry seas with Holy Ship! mix

The New Year is around the corner, which means it’s time for those embarking on editions 12 & 13 of HARD’s Holy Ship! to start preparing for the water-based shenanigans that await. Joined by an army of talent which includes the likes of Green Velvet, SAYMYNAME, Rusko, Barclay Crenshaw, and more, guests are primed to earn their sea legs in the most joyful of ways  — by dancing to some of the best music the dance world has to offer across multiple decks of madness.

House extraordinaire Noizu will be helping uphold 13.0’s weekend festivities, and given his record of releases through OWSLA, Confession, and beyond, he’s set to stir up quite the craze on the dancefloor. The exclusive mix he’s provided Dancing Astronaut certainly does this, charting a whirlwind, hour-long journey through jacking beats and grooving basslines that features his own works in addition to those of his colleagues. Use it as a pre-game weapon, or to cause FOMO in friend’s who’ve opted not to take part on the expedition this coming year.


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