Five tracks guaranteed to amp attendees for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s b2b performances this weekendCirezDAdamBeyer 3 24 18 AJRphotos 086 0

Five tracks guaranteed to amp attendees for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s b2b performances this weekend

Eric Prydz will have gone b2b to b2b…to b2b to b2b with Adam Beyer under his Cirez D alias by the end of the weekend, in a double-pronged series of performances of mythical proportions. Originally announced in August, Cirez D and Adam Beyer’s joint b2b bookings generated considerable buzz among fans of the electronic luminaries, and not without good reason. The duo’s seminal, sold out b2b appearance in March 2018 during Miami Music Week evidenced the pair’s kinetic energy behind the decks, and their unparalleled live presence led many longing for a follow up Cirez D& Beyer booking.

Listeners were in luck, as Cirez D and Adam Beyer announced not one, but four ensuing fall dates. Cirez D and Beyer brought their legendary b2b format to Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium on November 23 and 24, and will collectively make their way to a Brooklyn warehouse to play some proper techno from November 30-December 1. Dancing Astronaut has compiled a list of five tracks to set the mood for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s highly anticipated East Coast arrival.

Adam Beyer – “Your Mind”

A techno oriented, retrospective review of the landmark releases of Beyer’s storied catalogue would be remiss not to mention fan favorite, “Your Mind.” The product of Beyer’s collaboration with Bart Skills, “Your Mind” is an extended, eight-minute effort that entrances with its looping vocal centerpiece, a spoken component that repeats the phrase “you’re losing your mind.” The hypnotizing track– interestingly enough, and perhaps much to listeners’ surprise–was never intended to gain a full-fledged release. The song was born as a tool mix that Beyer and Skills finished at a later date.

Cirez D – “BLACK HOLE”

Even in its acknowledgment of the rate at which, and breadth with which Prydz bestows new music upon his listeners, the title “prodigal producer” still doesn’t seem to be an adequate classifier of Prydz’s momentum. Prydz treated Pryda enthusiasts to a stimulating and meticulously constructed new EP in May 2018 by the name of Elements. The Swedish phenomenon then dropped of a three-track Cirez D EP, DARE U. Of the three heart-palpitation inducing inclusions to figure on the EP, the third and final track, BLACK HOLE, was perhaps the most exemplary of Cirez D’s dark, brooding approach to techno, and accordingly functions as an apt warm up track for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s Brooklyn bookings.

Adam Beyer – “What You Need”

Tonally lighter than some of the moodier selections that comprise Beyer’s catalogue, “What You Need” is an airy, atmospheric reprieve from tenebrous techno. Pulsating synth work sets the track’s mid-tempo pace, while subtle, short pops of vocal accents lend a sense of variety to the near seven-minute song.

Cirez D – “BACKLASH”

Industrial melodics find full figuration in “BACKLASH.” A master at melding different sonic textures, Cirez D adds a gritty edge to the velvety underground quality of “BACKLASH” to play up sound contrasts. The effect is a general sense of surprise that follows each second of “BACKLASH,” the listener unable to predict the course that the song’s elements might take. Cirez D released “BACKLASH” in 2017, when he released the number alongside another track, “THE TOURNAMENT.”

Adam Beyer – “Stone Flower”

The Drumcode head illustrates the power of intricacy on “Stone Flower.” A tightly woven track that sources much of its potency from a titillating looping vocal two-minutes in, “Stone Flower” layers one constructional electronic embellishment atop another for depth. The result is a clean and refined production that has aged exceedingly well in the years that have followed its 2015 arrival.

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