Galantis use Animoji technology in new ‘Emoji’ music video

Galantis has decided to take advantage of the latest iPhone X innovation in releasing their newest single “Emoji.” Avid followers will have noticed several videos posted to the Swedish duo’s socials, which features the new facial recognition technology in the form of floating emoji heads (along with small snippets of the track). They also offered a sneak preview of the music video on Halloween, where fans could text in “emoji” to a designated number, proving that the producers are up to speed on all things 2018.

That being said, the video takes things back a bit, to a time when PCs were just introduced and record players were key. Viewers see this when the video’s protagonist is shown typing into a small, black screen as he awaits the return of a companion (whom it appears was supposed to move in with him). A heart emoji keeps him company until she finally shows up with a box containing a large Galantis vinyl to show that she’s moving back in.

The song itself is a bit more reserved than the duo’s usual party-ready tracks, but its feel-good sound and cultural relevance is bound to spiral it up the charts.

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