Gesaffelstein has signed with Columbia records, reaffirming rumors of his returnGesaffelstein In Color

Gesaffelstein has signed with Columbia records, reaffirming rumors of his return

Gesaffelstein sent a hush through dance music’s darkest realm when, in late October, billboards began to emerge across the globe featuring his name emblazoned in gold upon a black backdrop. In the time since, the artist has remained characteristically silent regarding the purpose of these advertisements, acknowledging them only via changing his Facebook profile and cover photos and making his website a bare, black background (previously, it had displayed an ad for his soundtrack to the French thriller Maryland, released in 2015).

Fans of Michel Lévy have hoped with fervor that his new campaign teases an impending sophomore album — after all, it’s been five years since he released his iconic Aleph LP. Today, we have more reason to believe that than ever before, following a press release from Columbia which confirms that the label has signed Gesaffelstein. Unsurprisingly, the release was as laconic as all news surrounding Lévy’s work, stating only, “GESAFFELSTEIN SIGNS TO COLUMBIA RECORDS” alongside photographs of his recently-erected billboards.

It’s unclear when further information will be available on Gesaffelstein’s newest endeavor; indeed, it’s still uncertain if he has a new album forthcoming in the near future. However, with this new signing, it seems safe to say that there is some darkness looming — we merely have to be patient.

Dancing Astronaut has contacted Columbia Records and Gesaffelstein’s representation for comment. 

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