JACKAL – In Love with Nobody (Original Mix)Jackal In Love With Nobody

JACKAL – In Love with Nobody (Original Mix)

JACKAL grew up in a sleepy seaside town in England and the now LA-based producer has certainly not shaken off the melodramatic mood of the place he grew up. On “In Love with Nobody,” the aptly-titled production wastes no time captivating listeners with a cinematic and swelling synth section and apropos sample. Lyrical content be damned, JACKAL insists this track isn’t a sad song; “This is actually a happy track. It comes from the feeling of relief of being independent and having no feelings for anyone.” An ode to The Smiths and the equally morose Morrissey, “In Love with Nobody” is as experimental as it is thematic, a bass-heavy yet emotive spin on the pleasures of being independent. Even when that independence comes at the price of falling out of love.