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John Mayer confirms forthcoming Diplo collaboration

Longtime John Mayer fans will soon have an opportunity to see the Continuum producer in a “New Light,” thanks to a forthcoming collaboration with electronic veteran, Diplo. News of a joint effort between Mayer and Diplo sent listeners of both artists abuzz after Diplo revealed that he had spent some time in the studio with the singer-songwriter on Instagram last week. “I wanted to post a picture of me and @johnmayer last night working in the studio because I know it would have been a moment,” Diplo captioned the picture that he shared in place of a selfie with Mayer. “But then I never even thought to ask,” Diplo added, “as the idea of stopping real time (while we were both in a state of creative delight) to create something fake for me to revel in and build engagement around my brand…It just seemed awkward.” Photographic evidence of the in-studio effort aside, Diplo’s mere mention of an impending project with Mayer was sufficient in attracting significant attention, and while Diplo remained mum on the specific details surrounding the work in progress, John Mayer has now confirmed the existence of a Diplo/Mayer production.

“By the way, as we speak, Diplo is sending me rough mixes of songs we’ve worked on,” Mayer remarked during November 18’s episode of his Instagram Live talk show, Current Mood with John Mayer. “They’re pretty cool,” Mayer elaborated, “I know I sound like someone’s Dad, but this guy is good at what he does. You sing one thing, and he’s like ‘give me one second,’ and money starts shooting out of the mixing board. He’s amazing.” Mayer’s sound is, and has always been, that of an amorphous kind, as evidenced by his succession of releases in blues, rock, pop, and folk/country rock genres throughout the course of his career. Mayer’s deftness when it comes to fluidly working within and across genres should therefore diminish the surprise that has so far enveloped the news of his recent work alongside the dance music maven, and if anything is for sure, it’s that when two vanguards from different musical spheres hop on a track together, the outcome will be nothing short of transcendent.

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