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KOAN Sound announce their return with new LP, ‘Polychrome’

It’s time for KOAN Sound to tell a new story in album form. Polychrome is a record that took three years for the Bristol duo to make, with copious amounts of time spent in the studio honing every detail until each of the LP’s tracks fell perfectly into place. It’s set for a December 7 release, and also rings in the creation of their new label, Shoshin.

The producers gave fans an audiovisual preview of their project with a snippet of “Virtual Light,” one of the eleven songs that make up the record. Fluid visuals, which KOAN Sound have advised are a “road map” to the album, are a fitting complement to the music — which points to a work erring on the experimental side, and boasting heavy retro influences. KOAN Sound match this sentiment, according to a statement to press:

“We wanted the album to be listenable but also work live at the same time – that was the hardest part. We made every track as a cinematic piece; each one tells a story. There isn’t a lot of repetition in terms of structure and arrangement, and each progresses in such a way that we can play it live in its entirety.”

A global live tour will follow the album release, with a kick-off in their home town of Bristol in February.


Photo credit: Sarah Koury

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