Martin Garrix surprises in new collaboration with viral subway singer Mike YungMartin Garri Dreamer

Martin Garrix surprises in new collaboration with viral subway singer Mike Yung

Not even a week after Martin Garrix‘s full BYLAW EP release, the producer is out with a new standalone single titled “Dreamer.” In the first few seconds of the track, it becomes apparent why Garrix did not include it in his recent EP, as “Dreamer” showcases a new direction for the producer. “Dreamer” is a collaboration with Mike Yung, whose name likely does not ring a bell, but whose voice speaks for itself.

The song is Yung’s first-ever collaboration with a tier one artist like Garrix, but his career has been in progress since the 1980s. The soul singer signed to T.Electric alongside the likes of Etta James and Luther Vandross, but he later fell on hard times and found himself living on the streets in New York. He was attacked by gangs, stabbed nine times, and spent 38 years begging on the subway to support his family in the projects in Brooklyn. Yung decided to audition for America’s Got Talent in 2017 and unsurprisingly, his incredible voice landed him in the semi-finals.

In “Dreamer,” Yung’s soulful lyrics captivate the listener from the start. A light and distant production backdrop are hardly noticeable as Yung’s uplifting singing takes the track away. In a surprising turn, Garrix inserts commanding retro electronic notes that build into the chorus, while gospel-style choir harmonies lift the track to the end. After listening to the release, one would have to imagine that for Yung, this collaboration is just the beginning.

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