Premiere: Namito – Blank CheckBlank Check Namito

Premiere: Namito – Blank Check

Namito is one who’s always cared for constant self-evolution. After a storied career of chartering the techno scene when it first exploded in his city of Berlin, the producer’s next artistic phase saw him consider multiple mediums to express himself. Thus, Letting Go — a double album that sees each of its tracks paired with a personalized painting — was born. Not only is it unlike anything Namito’s ever done before, but it also represents his most personal work to date, serving as a sonic representation of his life growing up as an immigrant, and all of the hardships he’s faced through there.

“Blank Check” falls in the middle of his musical life journey, and feels like it fits the chapter of his life he might have written it about. At its surface, it’s a chunky, hypnotic piece that assists in raising energy levels on the floor ahead of a set’s climax. Beneath, however, the record is much more complex, filled with eclectic elements and zippy synthesizers that rip through speakers. This almost nostalgic appeal of the little parts that went into “Blank Check” are a pleasing balance to its shadowy overtones.



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