Rambo shows off vibrant personality in ‘Rambo’ EPRambo EP

Rambo shows off vibrant personality in ‘Rambo’ EP

Rising LA talent Rambo has fashioned a fluid sound born out of a multitude of influences that has caught the attention of music fans and iconic DJs alike. Moving meticulously throughout his brief career, his productions are each impactful and demonstrate his progress in the studio. The time has now come for Rambo to show off every facet of his sonic personality through his self-titled EP, Rambo — his most extensive work to date.

Across seven tracks, Rambo lifts spirits with his keen ear for melody, wrapping mid-tempo house bases mysterious synthesizers and hearty basslines that help drive each song forward. The EP unfolds at a nice pace, beginning with the intricate drum patterns of the sultry, Jackie Rain-assisted “Darkest Blue,” and building in heat gradually through “Prolly Neva,” “Baila,” and beyond. “This And That” is another standout track of the EP, packed with melodies and instrumentation that speak to his love of 70s psychedelic rock and built like a steam roller. Rambo finishes on an elongated “Ocean View,” whose pungent low end and 80s-tinged progressions evoke brightly colored, breezy imagery. The full record is now available on Disco Naps.


Grab a copy of ‘Rambo’ here

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