Reset Robot – Direction [EP Review]Reset Robot Direction Whistleblower

Reset Robot – Direction [EP Review]

Versatility is a defining feature of Reset Robot‘s sound. From atmospheric melodic cuts, to more abstract sounds, to techno, the seasoned professional flows between genres with precision. He summons the brooding side of his artistry in Direction, which he’s signed onto his and Alan Fitzpatrick‘s joint label effort, Whistleblower.

Reset Robot takes no prisoners with the EP’s namesake opener, slamming listeners onto the floor with rumbling hits of percussion and hair-raising acid shots that pierce the mind. The German stalwart Heiko Laux takes remixing duties, making a more subdued, but equally powerful rendition of the original “Direction.” Both versions are made for the peaktime.

“Polara” powers upward into space with twinkling synth notes that ping around a driving core comprised of hypnotic kicks and a standout bassline. There’s hardly any room to breathe through its consistency, making for a record that forces endurance out of its consumers. Finally, “Beams” closes the EP out with a hint of nostalgic flavor, using familiar chords and organic, plucky progressions that add a sense of authenticity to the finished product. That said, the track has a foot well within the modern world, employing atmospheric accents and clean mastering for a polished, forward-thinking sound.



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