REZZ delivers decadent Porter Robinson ‘Divinity’ remixRezz Divinity 1

REZZ delivers decadent Porter Robinson ‘Divinity’ remix

REZZ never shies from an opportunity to provide her fans with precisely what they’ve been craving. For her latest demonstration, REZZ has dimmed the lights on a feverishly beloved Porter Robinson production, “Divinity” from his iconically insurgent¬†Worlds album.

REZZ’s commanding rendition of “Divinity” materializes like a malevolent stepsister. Glitchy and deliciously wicked, REZZ’s “Divinity” is like a fiery lullaby from the netherworld, as the track’s original, ethereal vocals and twinkling synth allure give way to her thunderous and highly nuanced bass and percussion infusion.

Quite characteristically of the Canadian mau5trap talent, REZZ delivered on her Twitter intonations of the remix in under a week. Her patently expedient turnaround in the studio is evident in her packed release record in recent years, with back-to-back August album releases in 2017 and 2018 amid a wall-to-wall touring schedule.

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