Riot Ten’s ‘Hype or Die: Genesis’ is bass-fueled chaos [EP Review]Genesis Riot Ten

Riot Ten’s ‘Hype or Die: Genesis’ is bass-fueled chaos [EP Review]

Riot Ten tasked himself to stir a ruckus in his new six-tracker on Dim Mak, and it’s safe to say the rising dubstep star has done just that.  Hype or Die: Genesis sees the producer right at home in his piles of bass and pitched-up synths, which feel like robotic limbs that grab listeners and proceed to toss them around like rag dolls — in the most satisfying of fashions, of course. The collaborative EP begins with a work alongside Krimmer and Virus Syndicate, “Blitz,” which wastes no time in pummeling the mind in chaotic drops and powerful bass.

From there, Riot Ten continues on taking no prisoners through a variety of hair-raising twists and turns. “Till We Die” features load, apocalyptic roars and sirens that feel geared toward the peaktime. “Act A Fool,” featuring Throwdown and Bok Nero smash the brain into a pulp in a similar fashion. Overall, each of Hype or Die: Genesis‘ tracks are truly destructive forces that will obliterate the dancefloors upon which they’re dropped.


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