SMLE brings syrupy future bass feels on new single, ‘Bad Idea’Smle Bad Idea Deadbeats Single

SMLE brings syrupy future bass feels on new single, ‘Bad Idea’

smle is seemingly everywhere at once. Releases on top-tier labels ranging from Armada to Monstercat? Check. Grammy nomination? In the bag. But although the electronic duo’s resume is impressively varied, their place on the hard-hitting Deadbeats roster alongside contributors like REZZ and 1788-L is still bit of unique flavor. The duo bring that wildcard element to again to the label with “Bad Idea.”

The track combines smle’s top-shelf future bass arrangement skills with irresistibly unique stylings from Bay Area vocalist Tzar, and the result is a track that does mellow beats with certified swagger. A growling bass tone is the linchpin while massive the drums fill headphones to the brim – but no matter hard things hit, the twinkling bells and vocal textures keep one foot squarely in dream land.

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