Vindata lay down another effervescent offering, ‘6 ft.’Vindata 6ft. 1

Vindata lay down another effervescent offering, ‘6 ft.’

Vindata‘s fluttery, idiosyncratic productions have reserved the LA duo collaborative seats alongside some of the most influential names in the electronic circuit (i.e., Skrillex, Mija, ODESZA). However, with their latest independent release, “6 ft.” Vindata have seized another opportunity to flaunt their ability to light up speakers all by their lonesome.

There is blanket of nostalgia ensconcing the lush, experimental mechanisms at work in “6 ft.,” solidified by the vintage photo collage cover art. Pitched up vocal chops and a refulgent mallet synth summon warmth and idealistic musings of distant memories. Retrospective indeed–the duo’s nascent efforts as hip-hop producers peeks its head through the track’ss elastic, effervescent beat loops.



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