Aphex Twin revives more new music with ‘Mangle 11’Aphe Twin Collapse Ep

Aphex Twin revives more new music with ‘Mangle 11’

Aphex Twin has released another new, but pleasantly familiar track, this time entitled “Mangle 11.” Following the release of new versions of “Avril 14th” earlier this month, he’s gone on to add another track to his 2001 album Drukqs. This time, it’s a seemingly new version of “Mangle 11 [Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix],” a track taken from his 2003 album Rephlexions! An Album Of Braindance! rather than the original offering itself. Aside from some track rearranging, “Mangle 11” features some classically technical Aphex Twin elements this time amped up a few notches. Veering on the edge of drum and bass and hard dance music, “Mangle 11” is just as much of a treat as the 8-bit video game graphics used on the site where you can purchase the track.

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