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Chromeo go all out in new ‘Don’t Sleep’ music video

It’s been a stellar year for Canadian funk lords Chromeo. The duo impressed with the debut of their fifth studio album in June and have been furthering the momentum of Head Over Heels‘ ever since.

For their latest piece of work — a music video for “Don’t Sleep” with French Montana and Stefflon Don — they’ve tapped actress and model Robin Givens to be the star of the show. The grandiose visual accompaniment to “Don’t Sleep” portrays scenes featuring a woman who’s living in the lap of luxury but is overall unsatisfied with her life.

Director Allie Avital told Billboard that the music video portrays how lonely it is at the top.

“‘Don’t Sleep’ is a 2018 satire for the age of dissatisfaction; the age of overstimulation and Tinder. Robin Givens plays a version of the ‘sad king,’ where the more pampered and entertained she is, the more disaffected she becomes. All the bulging biceps, sponge baths, and lap dances can’t cure her existential void.”

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