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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 70

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here. Check back next week for her annual favorite tracks of the year playlist!

I was a big fan of Tim Schaufert and CASHFORGOLD‘s original “Gold,” so a recent remix of the track by SNOWMASS intrigued me. The wintery producer has added a chilling melodic dubstep touch to the original, adding in a gorgeous whirlwind introduction of synth melodies leading up to the drop. This pleasing rendition, while much different from its predecessor, maintains the same aura of mystery and wonder as the original — just in a different form.

It’s been nearly two and a half decades since the release of Desree’s “You Gotta Be,” and artists are still picking up on its timeless vocals and message today. New Jersey producer Aylen is the latest to put his own spin on the iconic number, bolstering its bold theme with an easygoing house beat.

Scotland’s Last Island is closing out 2018 in a big way: with a massive remix of The 1975. This rework is effortlessly funky and primed to take over a dance floor. “I’ve always loved The 1975,” Last Island says of the track. “With their latest album, this track stood out to me the most… the line ‘Love It If We Made It’ is so infectious, creating a track ’round it was so much fun and it fell into place perfectly.”

Camo & Krooked‘s “History of the Future” first made its debut in 2010, but given its re-release on Audioporn Records’ 10 Years of Audioporn Records compilation, I’ve deemed now a great time to re-recognize its greatness. This successful duo has been pushing drum & bass boundaries for well over a decade, and tracks like “History of the Future” are perfect examples of just how timeless the genre can be.

New York duo Brasstracks have been all across the continent this year, giving eager fans earfuls of powerful, dynamic horns. They close out their 2018 by bringing the sounds of the season in “Snowdaze,” a collaboration with Charles Gaines. “Snowdaze” paints a serene soundscape of gliding vocals and lush horns rounding out the background for a full, rich R&B number. Its relaxing tone encourages — and rightfully so — everyone to slow down this holiday season and take in the soulful tones of tracks like these. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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