Dive into 12th Planet’s heavy ‘Swamplex Terrestrial’ EP12th Planet Press By Ramon Cho 2018

Dive into 12th Planet’s heavy ‘Swamplex Terrestrial’ EP

12th Planet dropped his new Swamplex Terrestrial EP off Disciple, a precursor to his recently announced Swamplex Tour in North America. With his quintessential eerie melodies and bulldozing bass drops, this project continues to flex the American dubstep deity’s venerated production talents.

“Swamplex Terrestrial” is a slowly menacing introduction to the gooey thrashing beast created by the Disciple head honcho. “Mmm Good” features labelmate, Barely Alive, quickly devolving from sci-fi melodic bliss into aggressive neck-breaking mayhem. “Let It Bang” brings trap themes to the the extended play, featuring vocals from MACTurnUp. “RVD” presents dubstep hype man Mikey Ceasar and offers a bit of a slower whomp, a welcomed pivot from the previous intergalactic melodies on the EP. “Forest Temple” takes a video game storybook narrative in its structure, though ultimately delivers the same one-two punch as the rest of the tracks on 12th Planets menacing new delivery.

12th Planet recently launched his “Swamplex Radio” series via Insomniac — offering a format where fellow headbangers can enjoy everything that this dubstep legend is feeling at the moment. Hear Swamplex Terrestrial below.

Featured Image: Ramon Cho

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