Exclusive: Paul van Dyk & Rafael Osmo accompany ‘Moments With You’ with vibrant visuals [Music Video]Paul Van Dyk Rafael Osmo Moments With You

Exclusive: Paul van Dyk & Rafael Osmo accompany ‘Moments With You’ with vibrant visuals [Music Video]

There are few in the dance music industry at large who possess the drive and strength that Paul van Dyk has. His stats are quite incredible: the artist already has eight studio albums to his name in addition to countless EPs and singles, nearly three decades of experience, and work that’s been covered by esteemed global orchestras. Even after a debilitating stage fall in 2016 at ASOT Utrecht that nearly ended him, the passionate artist has continued to push on and do what he loves the most. Now, his ninth album, Music Rescues Me, is about to arrive on December 7.

Like other recent projects, the LP sees Paul teaming up with a variety of new and old colleagues to make songs designed to tug at the heartstrings and inject euphoria into the dancefloor. This formula is plenty effective in his Rafael Osmo collaboration, “Moments With You,” which Dancing Astronaut is presenting today in video form. An uplifter with subtle acid undertones and bittersweet progressions, “Moments With You” unfolds into a blissful explosion post-breakdown, immediately raising listeners’ moods and leading them toward several “hands-in-the-air” moments. Lasers and other bright visuals present in the video footage prove excellent complements.

The track is one of many following this route on the album, speaking to the overall gratitude and joy van Dyk feels while writing music.


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