Elephante’s ‘Glass Mansion’ album concept comes to life in new animated videoGm Openhouse1 1

Elephante’s ‘Glass Mansion’ album concept comes to life in new animated video

Earlier this year, Elephante released his nine-track EP, Glass Mansionand set out on an accompanying US tour. Title track “Glass Mansion” marks the producer’s debut as a vocalist, and “The In Between” featuring Anjulie has been one of his most-streamed songs to date. Now, he’s back with another surprise: a 10-minute animated video taking viewers through his actual “glass mansion.” The video is aptly titled the “Glass Mansion Open House.”

Speaking to Billboard about the project, Elephante said: “I wanted people to be able to see and really feel what it was like to walk through the house, not just listen to the music. All my favorite music transports me to a different world, so I felt that having a visual representation of each song really brings the Mansion to life. Each song is different, so all the rooms have a different vibe and artistic style — just like you might decorate rooms differently based on what you’re going through at the time. The Mansion is the fulfillment of everything you’ve ever wanted, so if you want a pool in your living room, that’s chill; and if you want a portal to another dimension in your closet, that’s even better.”

In Glass Mansion, no two tracks are similar, and the video captures that the entire way through, taking viewers inside the “room” represented by each track. Elephante enlisted the talent of Caegan Meagher of Kvlt Magik to help bring his concept to life, and they have created an astounding visual piece, bringing the thematic of each track to life and taking viewers on a visual and sonic journey.

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