Jacky packs in heated punches through ‘Firepower’ [EP Review]Jacky Firepower

Jacky packs in heated punches through ‘Firepower’ [EP Review]

UK native Jacky’s music is as boisterous and playful as his personality. Dancing like a fool comes easy with his tunes, whether it’s to his bouncy joint EP with Toochi on Roush, or his heads-down single, “Toggles” on Cr2. His virility translates to his sets as well, a trait that makes him a guaranteed fun listen and that has led to an even busier tour schedule over the past couple years. Like with others before him, Jacky crossed paths with the Desert Hearts crew not long ago and kindled an immediate friendship over their mutual personalities and music interests. They’ve “consummated” their relationship, so to speak, with a heated two-tracker called Firepower.

The EP’s title opener wastes no time in manifesting its large personality, shocking listeners with an electrifying soul vocal and buzzy synthesizers that intermittently pierce through its percussive underlay. Its fast tempo and tribal drum patterns soon give way to an even deeper, heads-down moment as its bassline comes to the forefront and a new set of vocals inches the tune’s progression toward a tense breakdown. The track’s distinctive chapters make for an entertaining listen that will breaks through the monotony in other tech house releases surrounding it.

“Now You’re Talking” is a harder effort from Jacky, employing stripped-down drum grooves and pixelated vocal edits for an almost psychedelic effect. More geared toward the afterhours, Jacky shows that he doesn’t need to rely on fluff to write an effective track. We imagine this one will be more of a silent killer that will make its way into quite a few fellow DJs’ crates.



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