Luca Lush releases flip of Skrillex and JOYRYDE’s ‘AGEN WIDA’Luca Lush Mad Decent

Luca Lush releases flip of Skrillex and JOYRYDE’s ‘AGEN WIDA’

Luca Lush is capping off the year by taking on Skrillex and JOYRYDE‘s massive collaboration, “AGEN WIDA.” He has been teasing the collaboration for weeks, and his flip of the track is finally out now exclusively on SoundCloud. After playing with the BPM, Luca Lush initially slows down the track and draws out the notes with an added bass layer behind them. In true Luca Lush style, he then adds cutting synths and takes the track in a new direction for the second half of the lift, which ends with an increased tempo and hectic drumlines.

The producer gave fans food for thought in the track description, where he wrote, “did u know that the time machine in doc’s delorean from back to the future was actually just the world’s first vape. happy holidays from ya boy.” He will be kicking off his Another Life tour beginning in January of 2019, and fans can purchase tickets here.

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