Luca Lush takes on Jimmy Eat World’s classic ‘The Middle’ for new remixLuca Lush Mad Decent

Luca Lush takes on Jimmy Eat World’s classic ‘The Middle’ for new remix

When DJs get nostalgic, it tends to bring about these inventive recycling throwback remixes that often turn out to be great engagement tools in live sets. In this case, Brooklyn-based Luca Lush decided to bring back Jimmy Eat World‘s iconic track “The Middle” with one of his signature “flip” efforts. This clearly meant a lot to Lush, who put out some heart-warming remarks in its SoundCloud description:

“I remember the feeling I had when I first heard this on the radio when I was a kid riding the bus home from middle school. That rush that you get when you hear a song and know instantly it’s gonna be on repeat until you know every word by heart…I wanted to hit that sweet spot of nostalgia without simply re-hashing what was already there, as amazing as the original is.”

Lush is true to his word with the remix, maintaining the original’s renowned vocals and guitar lead while the background production amasses into a synth-heavy, euphoric drop. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t the only one reminiscing in 2018, as Prince Fox¬†also¬†covered the early-2000’s hit back in March.

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