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Marshmello is at work on a ‘Joytime III’ album

Marshmello‘s repertoire is an eclectic collection of genre fluid cuts that allow the masked producer, alongside a host of fellow collaborators, to appeal sonically to fans of various different styles of music. His latest single with Roddy Ricchh, “Project Dreams,” marked the dance music personality’s return to the hip-hop end of the spectrum, where he’d previously dabbled with Logic on “Everyday.” Then, the comparatively more pop-oriented Bastille collaboration, “Happier,” signified a shift toward more mainstream, radio friendly direction, while the superstar’s Joytime II album represented a return to the whimsical technics of Marshmello’s original electronic sound.

He continues on this swift and dynamic road with the announcement of a series of new and diverse new productions to come in the foreseeable future. One particularly notable project in the works is Joytime III, which we’re expecting to harken back to his usual future bass aesthetic that so many know and love. That said, “I don’t want to just stick to one genre, as a producer who loves making music nothing excites me more than pushing the boundaries,” Marshmello stated in the announcement Tweet, mentioning he’s also working on “a couple hip-hop” tracks and his “next pop single.” While the sickly sweet talent revealed little more than the existence of new music, the details that will remain to come will certainly pique excitement among his wide fanbase.

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