Mr. Carmack and Eva Saturn keep it warm this ChristmasMr Carmack Come Home

Mr. Carmack and Eva Saturn keep it warm this Christmas

Mr. Carmack‘s single, “Come Home,” a beautiful ballad featuring Eva Saturn, truly embodies the spirit of Christmas and togetherness. Its delicate arrangement evokes feelings of longing, and its sonic returns give listeners feeling of warmth in their chest – a feeling that is never more welcome than during these short days.

Saturn’s lyrics are very visual, which is the heart of a true Christmas song. These songs that people have grown up with for generations all share the same pull: they’re the question, “are you here with me?” and the answer, “of course.” Saturn’s cadence pulls the listener towards the direction of home and makes them all see and feel the same thing. “Lights on the houses/ frost on the leaves/ kids finding presents under the tree/ just wish my baby would come home to me on Christmas Eve.” These visual, descriptive lyrics figure skate over Mr. Carmack’s perfectly smooth and chilled arrangement.

Together these two have accomplished what many musicians try and fail to do. They’ve captured the unique benevolent love that is so vehemently yet effortlessly produced during the season.

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