Ninja enlists Alesso, 3LAU, and Tycho for three tracks on new album, ‘Ninjawerks’Ninjawerks

Ninja enlists Alesso, 3LAU, and Tycho for three tracks on new album, ‘Ninjawerks’

Astralwerks recently announced a partnership with professional streamer and ex-esports athlete Ninja, who is putting out his own album in collaboration with the label. A variety of artists have been teasing tracks they created for Ninja’s album, Ninjawerks, and December 1 saw the long-awaited debut of three of the tracks. The first three artists to be enlisted for Ninjawerks areĀ 3LAU, Alesso, and Tycho. This is a heavy-hitting roster of artists for the album’s initial releases, setting the expectations high for what is to come from the compilation.

3LAU’s release is titled “Game Time,” and he features Ninja himself as the vocalist on the track. While Ninja’s countdowns on the track are as synthesized as they come, it’s an interesting addition to the ominous song. 3LAU has been teasing the track on his recent Ultraviolet tour, and it gives a dark twist to his current portfolio of music.

Not unlike 3LAU’s, Alesso’s track uses vocals as a secondary element to frame the pulsing builds. The song, titled “Tilted Towers,” has robotic-like elements, and fans who have seen Alesso live will immediately recognize the track. The producer has unsurprisingly been weaving it in and out of sets this festival season, thanks to its intense builds.

Tycho’s release, titled “Jetty,” has melodic ebbs and flows with a kicking electronic backdrop propelling the track forward. While both 3LAU and Alesso’s releases used cutting electronic sounds to fit in with the gaming theme of the album, Tycho’s ethereal track is a definite contrast from the other two.

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