Noisia taps Phace for blistering ‘Deep Down’Noisia Ballet 1

Noisia taps Phace for blistering ‘Deep Down’

The world’s drum & bass overlords are at it again. Dutch trio Noisia has resurfaced to deliver a sweltering drum & bass track by the name of “Deep Down.”  The long-running act has tapped an artist who’s been in the game equally as long for this latest release: German producer Phace. These frequent collaborators work compellingly together, melding their stellar production talents together seamlessly, as is demonstrated in “Deep Down” and many collaborations before it.

As Noisia notes in the track’s description, “Deep Down” was born out of love for “one simple acid riff that came from Thijs’s modular,” which kicks the song off. As the four producers build on the initial riff by adding reverberating notes of bass to the background, the sheer volume of the song they’re building to quickly becomes apparent. With its rapid pace, the build rapidly devolves into a furious drum & bass pattern with a mesmerizing jungle rhythm that gives “Deep Down” an extra kick of flair.

“It starts off hypnotic, repetitive and tunneling, then looks for a couple side doors and enters them, but they all lead back, deeper down into the tunnel…”

“Deep Down” is out now via Vision Recordings.

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