Oliver Heldens takes on Nile Rodgers in remix of Chic’s ‘Le Freak’OliverHeldens 7578

Oliver Heldens takes on Nile Rodgers in remix of Chic’s ‘Le Freak’

Oliver Heldens‘ remix of the classic track “Le Freak” is yet another testament to his dominating style. “Le Freak” was originally released by Nile Rodgers in 1978 at the height of disco. The track’s familiarity and iconic place in the sphere of music makes it a hard beast to straddle, but Helden does just that.

Heldens doesn’t divert from the heart of the track. Instead, he gives it a shock from the AED that is his producing. The bass of Bernard Edwards, the guitar of Rodgers, the classic hook of “Ah, freak out/ Le freak, c’est chic,” and even the classic violin all remain. What Heldens adds is something new to freak out about. His deep bass synths and rearrangement are perfectly are sewn through this track. Heldens delicately adds just enough to revitalize “Le Freak,” and in doing so, he respectfully pays tribute while making it his own.

Such a delicate yet distinctive touch is a key attribute to great producers. It would be fascinating to know what Rodgers would have to say about this reboot, as Rodgers has stuck with the times and is rumored to have worked on several unreleased tracks with Avicii.

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