Pegboard Nerds re-join Knife Party for new collaborationKnife Party Live 2015 Billboard Credit Tim Mosenfelder Getty

Pegboard Nerds re-join Knife Party for new collaboration

It’s looking like the next year is about to see a bountiful release harvest from illustrious Australian outfit Knife Party. They certainly know how to stir a frenzy among their fan base, slowly teasing out a variety of raucous new music through their Knifecast show and other platforms. It seems they’ve enlisted a tried-and-true partner for one of the upcoming releases: Pegboard Nerds. Following their “Harpoon” collaboration, released on Monstercat, the two acts have now forged a wild new tune that harkens back to both their electro stylings of old. A distinctly “Knife Party” drop ensues following encouraging vocals that command movement on the dance floor, bearing similarity to tracks like “EDM Death Machine,” or “Internet Friends.” Based off sources who were there to witness the track’s first unveiling in Amsterdam advise that the working title is “Jack;” only time will tell if this name sticks.


Photo credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

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