Sian & Will Clarke run AMOK on OctopusWill Clarke Sian AMOK

Sian & Will Clarke run AMOK on Octopus

A new project has been born between Sian and Will Clarke, and is proving to be positively destructive. Under the moniker AMOK, You Only Want Me has arrived as a three-track introduction to what they collectively stand for. The EP’s namesake opener quietly creeps up on its listeners before detonating into a menacing tech weapon that stirs unease on the dance floor. Right away, AMOK sets a tone of seriousness that persists throughout the rest of the EP.

“The Creeper” follows up with a searing bassline and acid tones that are joined by a speedy tempo to wrap its targets in a tight grip. Breaking free of the darkness feels like an impossibility. Finally, “It Is Nothing” is a high-octane ending to You Only Want me. Steamy vocal samples are doused in nostalgic synth stabs and keyboard hits, conjuring images of 90s warehouse parties while carrying a sharpened modern edge. You Only Want Me ultimately shows an even blend between AMOK’s members, with Clarke infusing his feel-good UK elements into the hardware rabbit hole that his production partner’s sound.

Sian’s really shown his experimental side throughout 2018. Prior to becoming AMOK, he also worked heavily with Marc Houle as Marsian, where they debuted a new live setup around key spaces in North America. Will Clarke has always shown versatility in his sets and a willingness to evolve, making his pairing with Sian a sensible fit together.


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