Stream Maya Jane Coles’ new ‘Waves & Whirlwinds’ EPMaya Jane Coles E1545163274979

Stream Maya Jane Coles’ new ‘Waves & Whirlwinds’ EP

Maya Jane Coles has released her new EP, Waves & Whirlwinds, through her label, I/AM/ME.

The multi-award winning producer sets the stage of the EP through the title track right from the get-go. “Waves & Whirlwinds” opens with delicate plucks of harp-like synths that harmonize with deep sliding waves. This combination of sound is built up by the stylized percussion that Coles has been mastering since she was a teenager. She displays her ability to fluidly string together house beats with snare-centered kick drums with perfect flow. Coles then showers the track with beatific vocals, giving a voice of hope over an otherwise peaceful yet dark sound.

The second track, “Don’t Leave,” brings up the floor under the listener’s feet. In the depth of sound, Coles allows a little more energy in this five-minute house number. By demanding the listener to “get your hands up,” she keeps one’s head above the water. The wavelengths have more length and serve as a solid transition between the inaugural title track and the rest of the EP.

“Other Side” holds the essence of Coles’ sound. Dark and eerie bass elevate the EP to greater heights, while staying reminiscent of “Waves & Whirlwinds.” The foreground creates a feeling of weightlessness, while the deep bass pulls the listener ever downwards. Coles again keeps the listener engaged through electronic flair sprinkled through the track, coupled with angelic vocals.

“Other Side” leads listeners to “Visionary,” where again Coles provides some repose from the ghostly feel of her more distinct tracks. She paves uprising, progressive synth chords with some funk stylized dubby bass.

In the final track “Isolate,” Coles finally lets the listener fully drown in the depths of dark, steady bass. Shattered percussion and fractured articulation create a true rounded Coles-style downtempo musical experience.

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