StubHub data finds music fans are increasingly crossing borders for showsJoshua Sorenson 634018 Unsplash

StubHub data finds music fans are increasingly crossing borders for shows

StubHub has released their fourth annual “Year In Live Experiences” report. A highlighted statistic demonstrated more people are crossing borders to attend live events, further pushing the narrative consumers are increasingly paying for experiences over products. In 2018, around 200,000 ticket purchasers on StubHub traveled to a different country to attend one of 30,000 shows.

Stubhub’s general manager of the Americas, Perkins Miller, told Rolling Stone“There are a few industry and cultural factors driving the trends we’re seeing. On the industry side, we are seeing artists expand their star power internationally — fans flocked from 80 different countries to watch K-Pop boy band BTS perform — and as a culture, we are traveling further afield to experience live events. The easy availability of apartment rentals and homestays is accelerating this trend. Nothing lets you experience another culture quite like immersing yourself in a live event. In some way, it’s the ultimate way to feel ‘like a local.'”

Miller added that the accessibility to travel for fans in Asia and Latin America to Los Angeles or San Francisco has added to the increase in cross-country events. US fans are also traveling more to the UK, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Countries Most Likely to Cross Borders for a Live Event:

  1. United States    
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Japan
  4. Canada
  5. Mexico
  6. Spain
  7. Germany
  8. Ireland
  9. South Korea
  10. France

Top 10 Best-Selling Artists In Global Non-U.S. Markets in 2018:

  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. BTS
  3. Elton John
  4. Foo Fighters
  5. Paul McCartney
  6. U2
  7. Drake and Migos
  8. Taylor Swift
  9. The Rolling Stones
  10. Eagles

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Photo credit: Joshua Sorenson

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