Thomas Gold returns to Armada with ‘Real Love’ and talks about his inspirations behind the releasePress Shot Thomas Gold

Thomas Gold returns to Armada with ‘Real Love’ and talks about his inspirations behind the release

Armada regular Thomas Gold has enjoyed a series of high profile releases over the past year, in addition to the debut of his tech house side project AU-1. He ends a successful 2018 with a return to Armada for a catchy”Real Love,” that adds to his repertoire of radio-friendly productions. He collaborates with Berlin-based vocalist Graham Candy, a favorite among the house community.

Gold spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the song, and why he has been particularly excited to release it: “‘Real Love’ marks a milestone in my musical career. With this production, I’m stepping a bit into the commercial deep house genre, which you can hear a lot all across the globe, but especially in my home country Germany where it’s a huge movement right now…and as everybody knows, I‘m passionate about house music in general.”

He continues, “With the musical roots of my own and those deep house influences, I got into a lucky situation where I received the song demo for ‘Real Love’ from Graham back in the summer. I had been a fan of Graham’s voice already, and ‘Real Love’ was such a beautiful song. I instantly had this idea of a house inspired dance version with Graham’s cool and vibey voice on top.”

It becomes apparent upon listening to the track why Gold was drawn to Candy’s quirky high range vocals. The melodic backdrop has a calming effect on the listener, and it showcases a new dimension to Gold’s studio abilities. Bubbly festival house has been always been Gold’s forte, but his increasingly diverse array of releases demonstrates his continued desire to push his personal limits.

Gold further spoke with Dancing Astronaut about his creative process, noting, “When I started working on the production, it was an easy go – there was this nice flow of creativity which made me finish the track quickly. With some back and forth between Graham’s team and me, it only took a few days until we had the final version done, and we’re both super happy with the result!” “Real Love” is out now on Armada Music.

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