Tidal rolls out personalized playlist feature, ‘My Mix’Tidal My Mi

Tidal rolls out personalized playlist feature, ‘My Mix’

A tenacious competitor in the music streaming market, Tidal looks to level with fellow streaming entities, Apple Music and Spotify, via the introduction of My Mix. Akin to Apple Music’s For You compilations that cater to subscribers’ specific tastes, based on their individual listening histories, and Spotify’s similar Daily Mix feature, My Mix is Tidal’s take on the personalized playlist. My Mix will craft six “custom curated collections” for subscribers. Each of the six “collections” will present listeners with a maximum of 50 tracks, collaboratively chosen by Tidal staff members and machine learning algorithms.

The My Mix playlists will meld older songs with comparatively more current releases. In its effort to introduce subscribers to new music, Tidal will additionally include cuts that the given Tidal user has not heard before, encouraging musical discovery. Tidal will regularly refresh the mixes for all Tidal users, but will reward the most avid of streamers with more frequent My Mix updates. The playlists can be saved for offline listening. Subscribers can also generate copies of the My Mix playlists, to save specific My Mix compilations for later listening. The playlists are now available to all Tidal subscribers.

H/T: The Verge

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