WHIPPED CREAM drops dynamic ‘LUV’

WHIPPED CREAM has delivered a final parting gift for 2018, wrapped nicely and tied with a bow: “LUV.” Since debuting in 2017, she has slowly but surely making a name for herself, using this year as the time to assert her hip-hop, dark, and heavy bass-influenced style.

“LUV” is engaging from the get-go as the ultimate WHIPPED CREAM track, paired with an equally eerie fantastical video. Clocking in at less than two minutes long, the Vancouver-based artist set out to switch things up a bit with “LUV,” saying, “I combined sounds and grooves from stuff I listened to when I first got into electronic music and put it all together into one piece of work. You think you know my sound? Think again. This piece is to leave my listener with questions and wanting more.”

“LUV” is out now via Big Beat Records.

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