Wuki may have just revealed new Jack Ü could be underwayJacku

Wuki may have just revealed new Jack Ü could be underway

Even the faintest possibility of new Jack Ü material one day is enough to get fans excited, even if its mostly empty hope. The unceremonious way Skrillex and Diplo‘s partnership ended, after riding high on their fizzy, in-your-face blend of pop dance mayhem, has left many wondering if Jack Ü would ever come back. According to Wuki, the idea isn’t so far fetched. In a recent Twitter exchange with Graves, Wuki revealed that a demo he worked on for the “Mind” producers might actually see a release — and soon.

There’s no telling if the shelved demo has been re-purposed for something else or if the track is actually tied to some Jack Ü material currently in the works. But pairing Wuki’s recent disclosure with Diplo’s comments from December 2017 when he told a reporter at a festival in Argentina, “I think that after that [Skrillex’s new album] we will make music together again.”

A sophomore album from Skrillex and impending new material from his Dog Blood project with Boys Noize seem all but assured for 2019, but maybe he’s looking to hit for the cycle and ramp things back up with Diplo soon too. In any case, next year is shaping up to be a big one for both former proponents of Jack Ü.

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