16 arrested during Holy Ship! 12.0 preliminary boarding checkHolyship18b 058

16 arrested during Holy Ship! 12.0 preliminary boarding check

The first leg of Holy Ship! 2019 resulted in the arrest of 16 would-be attendees of the annual electronic cruise event.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office released the specifics of each arrest made prior to Holy Ship! 12.0. The arrests were multifarious in nature, ranging from possession of a controlled substance, to intent to sell narcotics, to resisting an officer. The Sheriff’s Office, US Customs and Border Patrol, and Port Canaveral, from which both installments of Holy Ship! set sail, collaborated to ensure that no narcotics or weapons escaped officers’ notice during Holy Ship! 12.0’s preliminary baggage check. Officials used drug-sniffing dogs to detect the presence of illicit drugs, a practice that Holy Ship! openly declares to be in effect on its website. “Every person and each piece of luggage will be inspected by dogs trained to detect explosives and contraband,” Holy Ship!’s website notes. “Anyone found to be violating the law and/or in possession of illegal substances…will be arrested and banned from all future events.”

Based on the number of arrests reported from Holy Ship! 12.0, Holy Ship!’s 2019 total of arrests has the propensity to plunge. In 2018, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office accounted for more than 40 arrests spanning both Holy Ship! iterations. DJ Gina Turner was among those arrested in 2018. Turner was apprehended and later charged with one count of possession of cocaine, and two counts of possession of another controlled substance. Police did not reveal the name of the secondary controlled substance.

Photos, names, and ages of those arrested during Holy Ship! 12.0 can be viewed, here.

Photo credit: Rukes

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