‘Along Came Polly’ producer Rebūke continues hot streak with ‘Jump Ship’ on DIRTYBIRD [EP Review]Rebuke Jump Ship Art

‘Along Came Polly’ producer Rebūke continues hot streak with ‘Jump Ship’ on DIRTYBIRD [EP Review]

Hot Creations had an instant classic on its hands in “Along Came Polly,” an infectious jam that would put Rebūke’s name on the map and eventually hold the top spot of Beatport’s Overall Chart for quite some time. It’s clear the aforementioned producer had found a magic formula of mixing past and present tech house elements into veritable hits that would be warmly received by mass audiences. He continues to strike this balance on Jump Ship, his next release on DIRTYBIRD that is already making its way around the festival circuit and proving to be somewhat of a break for him across the pond.

The title track captures attention right away with pulsating bass and tightly mixed tribal drums that eventually lead into absolute mayhem post-break. Hollow, seven-note bursts function as lasers that, when targeted at the dance floor, prompt uncontrollable dancing. Meanwhile, “The Pipe” takes on a more hypnotic profile, but equally chaotic nonetheless. It chugs forward like a sine wave, with micro peaks and valleys manifested once again through bassline and hollow synth bursts enticing listeners to move up-and-down alongside the music. This action has been evidenced in videos circulating around of the tune being rinsed at high profile festivals like Holy Ship!, where reception looks to be wide open.

Not too shabby of a release for a producer who only just broke into the house sphere a year ago.

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